Poeme de Jim Baruffi

[ready, aim,]

ready, aim,
toothpaste fired crest.

king cobra

fruit of thy womb puncture wound:
so what’s your point… the kid’s
a vampire? no. all hail
king cobra.

a good frenzy

i like getting hammerhead loan sharks
to hit kneepads and see if they can
get a reflex action lawsuit going
against limey lemon sharks
in the english channel.

our beast of burden

the inevitability of human experience
allows you to learn from pain. all you have
to do is look at parents and children
from both perspectives. you don’t
have to identify the subjective
hurts or pin the fault. that’s
a waste of valuable time.
human being includes
pain, and accepting
it and things as
they are write
now helps
ease the

[different life forms]

different life forms
your brain to learn acceptance
of being. stupid doesn’t believe in
it, because, of course, it doesn’t
know how addicted to
stupid it is.

hey big knows

godot nose it’s a big
miss under standing among
the dogs of war, but they
still love their children
just the same.