Poeme de Mankh (Walter E. Harris III)

photo credit Teodora Cosma

Photo credit Teodora Cosman


    for Glenn

day stretches before me,

i learn from then slough the past

we are made from mud

yet why muddy clear waters

when the sun stretches light

sparkling the watercourse way

those aquatic stars mirroring

night’s sequined endless gown

the sky is in the river

and the river is in your eyes

stretching before you

your eyes watching

where the river goes

because that’s where we’re all going

stretching along with the winding waters

held on either side with earth

like a mother holding her child before birth

each day a newborn


~ Mankh (Walter E. Harris III)

Metaphor For Marriage
    for my nephew and bride

the Morning-Glories start their climb in May,
seeds in soil . . .
then, emerging into Air of day
with love of Water, Sun and conversation

months to green and climb and vine
with heart-shaped leaves entwining,
for lack of water they would droop . . .
then, blooms . . . good morning, Morning-Glories!

they open for the day,
evening close and look within . . .

good morning, Morning-Glories
sky-blue and purple ――

Listen deeply for their guidance,
the way to climb entwine
for the long journey
ever-rooted with the Earth,
swaying with the breeze or stormy wind,
reaching, reaching, shining
silken colors for the long haul,
the joyous long haul

each morning a gift opening
opening opening opening opening to
what the day brings,
what you bring to the day

merging of these elements
the long-trod way

~ Mankh (Walter E. Harris III)