Shoes, de Albert Vorovenci

(Foto credit: Maria Drăghici)

Albert Vorovenci


He was leaning on the great tree, in the middle of the park, like every single Sunday morning. Usually he would still sleep at this hour but he was wakened up by 2 officers.

  • –      Inspector… you are not allowed to drink in public spaces.
  • –      Drink? The bottle is empty…
  • –      Sir, you have to wake up, what if a reporter sees you? You have a good image now, but public images can shift quickly these days.
  • –      Yeah, yeah, let me just…10 minutes, anyway what`s the hour?
  • –      7 and…25 in morning sir.
  • –      Good, 10 minutes please.
  • –      Okay, Inspector, see you later at the station.
  • –      Bye.

He lied, he didn`t intend to go anywhere for now. He was waiting for her, to see her for probably the last time in his life. He still didn`t regret it, he saved a lot of lives, the image of the city and probably the country, but he had destroyed something very precious and this fact didn`t give him any peace. Not like he had any since the war.

She appeared, in a long black dress, like it was some kind of funeral, maybe it was, it was time to say goodbye to a dream that lived miserably in the heart of 2 people. When she saw him, her expression was of disqust and some kind pity. She cried a lot the nights before, the makeup would not hide that. He knew she suffered, and will suffer.

                -What else do you want from me?

                -I got something for you, your favorite shoes… I stole them, they are evidence now but… you know the case is done so…. they will just lie around for ages… I think you want them….

                -You really think I`m that stupid to not understand that this is a pathetic excuse to see me again and maybe try… don`t know hundred times. What it`s wrong with you? I don`t like you, you are the most disgusting man I know. I curse the day I met you every day, and I will do it my entire life, firstly, I consider you just an idiot, but then you become my greatest enemy. I hate you! And after all that happened I hate you even more! You are the single person in this world that just deserves to die! Not even Hitler was as bad as you, at least he loved his country or something… but you? You are just… A terrible human being.

                -I did my JOB. You know that! Any inspector in this world would`ve done the same!

                -He is innocent, you went out of your WAY to find anything, just anything! To put him in jail, because you couldn`t live with the idea that I am happy with another man.

                -He brainwashed you to madness, look at you, your family denounced you, your friend, you lost everything! Was that worth it?

                -Yes! You don`t, and never understand true love.

-True love my… I went to war, what done, and saw and…

-I DON`T CARE! I didn`t start it, I you didn`t have to go, you go to…oh…oh…now I get it… HAHAHA, you go there to…HAHAH… impress me? What you think I am? A little girl impressed by princess stories… my god you are an idiot.

-I got to serve….

-Leave me be, you were very much okay at your farm there. You could’ ve provided resources for the war, but no, you wanted to impress me, you wanted to become a city boy. Look at you now. Drunk, miserable and I`m` not with you. You destroyed yourself for nothing, and now you destroyed me too.

-I can help you with money…

-Now you want to impress me with money?

-I just want to help you. I did what was supposed to be done please understand.

-My Jackie done some mistakes but he`s innocent.

-He bring drugs and helped Russian Spies dammit, that no mistake. You want the shoes or not?

-No. Keep them, smell them do want you want with them I don`t care. I am going, like far away, to Europe, I hope you will have a miserable life just like now. Don`t you dare come after me… I not joking. I bring the revolver with me even now, I planned to shoot you.

-What you will gain if you shot me?

-I got nothing to lose and will be happy at least 5 seconds. Best 5 second of my life probably.

-Go ahead than, shoot me, I got nothing to lose either.

-I won`t because you don`t deserve such a treat. Bye, not for you, for the tree, he is a better person than you.

-I m sorry, truly I am.

She didn`t respond and continued to walk away.

He leaned again on the tree, and fell asleep. This chapter in his life ended.